Who We Are

Homeward Bound in Puyallup (HBP) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization.  It was established in July 2007 to provide administrative structure for funding and advocacy for programs and ministries in the greater Puyallup area that interface with homelessness.  After operating for about four years, Homeward Bound reorganized and refocused with the appointment of new Board members in the spring of 2012. This executive summary defines the mission of Homeward Bound in Puyallup. 

What We Do - Homeward Bound in Puyallup exists to provide the following:

  • Public awareness and education about homelessness in the greater Puyallup area.

  • Administrative oversight and assistance for community-based programs such as Open Hearth and Freezing Nights.

  • Advocacy for the implementation of Puyallup’s Strategic Plan to Resolve Homelessness.

Who Do We Serve

Homeward Bound in Puyallup addresses individuals facing or experiencing homelessness.